Installation View, 2012

Yolk Tabs medieval genuflex and still, gouache on silk, rare earth magnets, metal, wire, pop tabs, 2012

Curly roads, ysl opium, aerosol hair pointing at, a living fact if lucky to hand registration, cement finisher who wants to be a banker's wheelbarrow and reverse the desire switch the character, steel, wood, oil on duralar, gouache and acrylic on paper, spray paint, 2012

Face in a fanned hand honours the time rhyme TWANG!, ink and collage on paper, 2012

Plot on the face of a pot, gouache on linen, 2012

Dust selves, reflect and flex, gouache on linen, dust, sunglasses, clothes hanger, rare earth magnet, 2012

Say Poggio found script to films (that paragraph) by that tit and the dolphin stand for floating candles, the red cat loved that, it became bowl for the cat, "eyes, flecked with calcedony" now gone, to lick at bedtime, all at the neck, at the neck at night, silk pants, dye, brass, concrete, gesso, copper, wood, 2012

Documentation by Adam Brickell.