Selected Documentation from the Grand Finale of The Part of No Part.

The Part of No Part an artwork curated by Dan Starling where five artists each designed a part of a performance by concentrating on one aspect of it: sound, costumes, staging, choreography, script. Starting in September 2012, The Part of No Part was presented in an episodic fashion, punctuating the regular programming at 221A over the course of one year and culminating into the grande finale, where each part was performed as part of a whole.

6:00-11:00pm, August 30, 2013
GRANDE FINALE of The Part of No Part
With the work of Julia Feyrer, Tiziana La Melia, Willie Brisco, Lief Hall, Sam Forsythe curated and performed by Dan Starling

Performed in Three Acts
7:30pm – A Letter
8:15pm – Notes from the Overcoat and the Undercoat
9:00pm – The Ghost & The Drone

The parts stick out:
The soundtrack is much longer than the script.
The costumes have their own script.
The projections exceed the stage.
The stage is a model that cannot be interacted with by the performers.
There is no resolution or composure.

The performance is like the hypercomplexity of today’s “foam”: the uncontrolled discourse of external references, a production of chaotic signifiers, a chronic vertigo, and an ideology of the surfer. This artwork has been inspired by the belief in that which is ‘out of joint’; ‘The part of no part’ is a term taken from the work of Jacques Rancière, which refers to the paradox whereby the ‘non-part’, that which has no defined place in a given order and as the exception to it, stands for the Whole.

PDF for Notes from the Overcoat and the Undercoat

Documentation by Dennis Ha.