B. 1982, Palermo, Italy. Lives and works as a guest on the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Skwxwú7mesh Úxwumixw, Stó:l?, and Tsleil-Waututh peoples.

2017 Broom Emotion, Galerie Anne Baurrault, Paris, curated by Franck Balland (upcoming)
2015 Innocence at Home, CSA Projects, Vancouver, curated by Steffanie Ling
2014 The Eyelash and the Monochrome, Mercer Union, Toronto, curated by Georgina Jackson.
2014 Lot, The Apartment, Vancouver, curated by Lee Plested
2012 Neck of Thirsty Flower, Exercise, Vancouver
2011 Table of Contents (Accompanying Poem), Clint Roenisch, Toronto

*collaborative works
2017 Johnny Suede (with Vanessa Disler, Lucy Stein and Charlott Weise), Damien & the Love Guru, Brussels *
2017 DOMESTIC - like a preraphaelite brotherhood, Truth & Consequences, Geneva
2017 17:1, Unit 17, Vancouver
2016 Vancouver Special Triennale: Ambivalent Pleasures, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver
2016 Terminal 1, Western Front, Vancouver
2016 For You/And Me, Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary, curated by Ashleigh Bartlett
2016 A Pool is Water, Division Gallery, Montreal, curated by Loreta Lamargese
2016 nouveau, Galerie Anne Barrault, Paris
2016 Down To Write You This Poem Sat, Oakville Galleries, Oakville, curated by Frances Loeffler
2016 Still Life, Lycée Raoul Follereau/Parc Saint Léger, Nevers, curated by Franck Balland
2016 Enter the Fog, The Rooms, St. Johns, curated by Josée Drouin and Mireille Eagan
2016 Intensive Nesting, Division Gallery, Montreal, curated by Loreta Lamargese
2015 Glory Bead, Mint Project Space, Columbus, Ohio, curated by Cudelice Brazelton
2015 A Line In The Sand, Artist Curated Projects, Los Angeles, curated by Eve Fowler
2015 Stopping the Sun in its Course, Ghebaly Gallery, Los Angeles, curated by Jesse McKee
2015 Hotter Than July 24th, Cooper Cole, Toronto
2015 Ultra-sensitive eyeballs tracing a silvery wake from purple to blue, Garden Avenue, Toronto, curated by Colin Miner
2015 Through a Window: Visual Art and SFU 1965-2015, Audain Gallery, Vancouver, curated by Amy Kazymerchyk
2015 Occasional Furniture, The Apartment, Vancouver
2014 Altered States, Macaulay & Co. Fine Arts, Vancouver
2014 Joan Dark, Western Front, Vancouver, curated by Jesse Birch
2014 A problem so big it needs other people, SBC Gallerie d'art Contemporain, Montreal, curated by cheyanne turions
2014 Every Evasion, Equinox Gallery, Vancouver
2013 Provisions, Xpace, Toronto, curated by Ellyn Walker
2013 The Intellection of Lady Spider House, Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton, organized by Geoffrey Farmer
2013 On the Tip of my Tongue, Magasin 3, Stockholm. Collaborative film with Tamara Henderson
2013 Crystal Tongue, Exercise, Vancouver, curated by Amy Kazymerchyk
2012 Freedom of Assembly, Oakville Galleries, Ontario, curated by Matthew Hyland
2011 The Most She Weighed, The Least She Weighed, Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto, curated by Jen Hutton

2017 Galerie der Stadt Schwaz, Schwaz (forthcoming)
2017 Damien and the Love Guru, Brussels (forthcoming)
2017 Cambell River Art Gallery, Campbell River (forthcoming)
2016 Moire Reading and Launch: What Shape of Purple, Art Metropole, Toronto
2016 Staring at the Ceiling, CAG, Vancouver
2016 Oral Like Cloaks, Dialect, Publication Studio, Vancouver
2016 The Eyelash and the Monochorome, Western Front, Vancouver
2015 Twilight of the Idols, Ghebaly Gallery, Los Angeles
2014 Sci-pulp Poetics, Wendy's Subway, New York
2014 Rhythms & Forms, Poets Theatre, The Apartment, Vancouver
2014 Rumours, Model, Vancouver
2013 The Tent Shop: Scriviner's Monthly, The Western Front, Vancouver
2013 Case Studies (with Vanessa Disler), Exercise, Vancouver
2012 The Part of No Part: Costumes, 221A, Vancouver
2010 The Hands of V&U, The Butterfly Garden, The Banff Centre, Banff
2009 Readings for TV, Axelrod Project Space, Guelph
2009 Manifesto, University of Guelph, Guelph
2009 Avowal of What is Here, Refinery Arts and Spirit Centre, Saskatoon
2008 Best Friend Boys, 1067 Granville St, Organized by A23, Vancouver
2008 Legends/Translations, 1067 Granville St, Organized by A23, Vancouver
2007 KSW Emerging Poets Reading: Nikki Reimer, Mark Dahl, Jamie Denike & Tiziana La Melia, Spartacus Books, Organized by the Kootney School of Writing, Vancouver
2006 Like Lick, Licked, Lotus Hotel, Organized by West Coast Line (Magazine Launch, No.48), Vancouver

2016 Affinities: A series of performance, screenings, and conversations organized in conjunction to the Joan Jonas exhibition From Away, DHC/ART, Montreal
2016 Unstill Objects & Lost Materials, Gallery S O, London, UK
2016 Padded Screen, Video project in collaboration with Laurie Kang for inaugural issue of MICE Magazine
2015 Light Soluble Mediums, The Picture Show, New York
2015 Light Soluble Mediums: PDX Redux, Brass Tacks Sandwiches, Portland
2013 L'Hôtel de l'Exposition, Treize, Paris

2017 The Marseille Cat, UBCO, Kelowna
2015 Staring at the Ceiling, ESAAB, Nevers, France
2015 SFU, School for the Contemporary Arts, Vancouver
2014 Mercer Union, Toronto
2012 Twilight Hour: Painters Talking About Painting, Emily Carr University, Vancouver
2010 The Banff Centre, Banff
2009 Avowal of What is Here, Refinery Arts & Spirit Centre, Saskatoon

2018 The Eyelash and the Monochrome. Talonbooks. Edited by Shazia Hafiz Ramji and Jeff Derksen
2016 Oral Like Cloaks, Dialect (Selected Writing 2005-2015). Publication Studio. Edited by Steffanie Ling
2008 Avowal of What is Here. Jackpine Press, Saskatoon. Collaboration w/ Ada Smailbegovi?

2012 Page of Vapours Edited by Tiziana La Melia and co-published with Exercise Project Space
2012 Broom Emotion. 32 pages, Edition of 15, Self Published

2016 Excerpt from The Eyelash and the Monochrome. Art 21 Magazine, Nov/Oct Issue (online), Edited by Lee Plested
2016 A cute curse. Poetry is Dead, Issue 14: Intersections, Edited by Shazia Hafiz Ramji
2016 Case Studies. Tripwire Issue 12, edited by David Bucck
2016 A Brief Vacation, Rooms with a Review, (collected writings from the Critical Art Writing Ensemble II)
2016 Staring at the Ceiling, DYSFYCTION 3, Organised by Herzman Mellowville
2015 FLAR Report, C Magazine, Issue 128
2015 I lost my body at Plan D'eau, response to Waves for Nicolas Sasoon
2015 Would you rather have a peach or a painting of a peach? Letters to the Editors, Issue 29
2015 Walling the wall, dooring the door, flooring the floor, LA Art Book Review, Issue 5.0
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2015 Is 1hr 1hr? Gallery text for Laurie Kang, 8-11 (also published in Entangles)
2014 The Part of No Part, Exhibition Catalogue, 221A and Brick Press, Organized by Dan Starling
2014 Infer in Furs, Gallery text for Emily Hill, Macaulay & Co. Fine Arts
2014 Thought Column for Joan the Saint, Night Papers V, Edited by Davida Nemeroff
2014 Lake Moods, The Lake, Organized by Maggie Groat
2014 Capilano Style Column, Not-poetry in Vancouver, The Capilano Review, Winter (with Rebecca Brewer)
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2015 Aligned with the Curve of Night (organized with Julian Hou), Model Projects, Vancouver
2014 Joan Dark (organized with Jesse Birch), Western Front, Vancouver
2008 The Unwritten History of a Quixote, Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver
2008 Leave Room for the Holy Spirit (organized with Tegan Moore & Robyn Croft), Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver
2008 Glut (organized with Tegan Moore & Robyn Croft), Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver
2008 Space (organized with Tegan Moore & Robyn Croft), Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver

2016 Critical Art Writing Ensemble, Banff Centre, Banff
2015 British Columbia Arts Council Professional Development Grant
2015 Longlist Soby Art Award
2014 Mountain School of Arts, Los Angeles
2014 TPW Writer in Residence, TPW, Toronto
2014 RBC Painting Competition winner
2010 SSHRC, Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Scholarship
2008 Mary Plumb Blade Award
2008 JackPine Press Publishing Grant


British Columbia Arts Council